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BALKHOORMA: Semi-dry persimmons of 2

BALKHOORMA: Semi-dry persimmons of 2


Healthy and tasty ingredient ever for smoothies and fruit juices for a healthy lifestyle. Cool whole persimmons, even in summer!

Semi-dry of delicious 100% Organic persimmons.

  • Weight: 150 qr
  • 100 gr of the product contains: 240 kcal
  • An expiration date: 12 months at a temperature of storage of -18 °C/-25 °C
  • After extraction from the refrigerator and before the use it is necessary to leave a product for 5-6 minutes at the room temperature. To store strictly in the refrigerator at the above-stated temperature.
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  • BALKHOORMA LLC is a company founded in January 2016 and located in the heart of the mountains - Balakan, Azerbaijan. The company has about 150 experienced staff, and its plant is equipped with modern automated equipment for washing, peeling, cooling, and packaging.

    The company uses fresh, organic persimmons from local farmers in Katekh and surrounding villages to produce a range of products such as persimmon molasses, dried tomato, fig, melon, date, and more. BALKHOORMA LLC aims to support local farmers and provide customers with delicious, 100% organic products.

    BALKHOORMA LLC has successfully expanded to the markets of Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Malaysia, presenting the exotic taste of Azerbaijan to foreign buyers. The company's goal is to deliver organic and useful products to every customer with a wide range of products in more countries.

  • Delivery Locations:
    All UAE

    Delivery Charges:

    Free Delivery:
    Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman – Ras Al Khaimah

    15 AED per order
    Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Fujairah – Dibba – Al Madam – Hatta

    All prices include taxes and fees

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