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Green Tea Buket - limpid (200gm)

Green Tea Buket - limpid (200gm)


"Azerçay Buket" tea is a worthy continuation of the "Azerbaijan Buket" tea, exported to the union republics and beyond the union borders during Soviet times. This native tea, which has been a decoration of our tables for many years now, has preserved its delicious taste, its indefinable pleasure, and passing from generation to generation has come to our days. This tea takes us to the past, expresses our emotions, and adds spirit to comfort.   

  • AZERÇAY is the first national tea brand of independent Azerbaijan, reflecting the particularity and freshness of Azerbaijani Tea. This brand, suggesting the colorful varieties of tea, has the highest quality blend of teas that covers a wide range of different consumer tastes.

  • Use fresh and light water to brew delicious tea that makes everyone delightful. It should not be boiled for longer than 10 seconds in order not to lose oxygen while boiling. Boiled water should not be reused. It is better to use a porcelain teapot instead of the metal teapot. Two teaspoons of dry leafy tea are added to 200 ml of freshly boiled water and the lid of the teapot is covered. For better brewing, the teapot must be covered with a towel. In this case, for the brewing of large leafy teas 6 - 7 minutes should wait. The brewed tea is served to the table tastefully.

    After opening the box, the tea should be stored in a dry and odorless place in the hermetically sealed container. Put an Azercay Green tea with jasmine teabag in a cup of boiling water and wait for 2-3 minutes to brew and it is ready to drink. The recommended daily usage is 2-3 cups.

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